Sinclair Sculptura AV1 2-Way Satellite Speakers (Pair)


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Sinclair Sculptura AV1 2-Way 3" Driver Satellite Speakers (Pair) 

From the Manufacturer:
When size is an issue, look no further than the AV1 to blend inconspicuously into your room to bring expansive sound from its small cabinet. A true jack of all trades, the AV1 can be used as surrounds for any Sculptura tower, front and rear effects in the ultimate satellite system, or simply to bring sound to a second room. Whatever your choice, the AV1 will excel

Woofers: 3" Fusion Driver
Tweeter: 1" Clarity Soft Dome
Impedance: 8 ohms
Sensitivity: 90dB
Power Handling: 100 Watts
Frequency Response: 120Hz-20kHz
Accessories: Wall mounting brackets
Dimensions HxWxD (inches): 9” x 5” x 3”
Dimensions HxWxD (mm): 229 x 127 x 76mm 

Clarity Tweeter
This revolutionary soft dome provides exceptional power handling, wide dispersion, low distortion and incredible accuracy to bring music and movies to life. A cloth suspension prevents resonance and allows it to extend to lower frequencies without distortion, while ferrofluid within the magnetic gap works to keep it cool to allow high power handling. The result is crystal clear high frequency reproduction.


Fusion Woofers
A speaker must provide more than just clear high frequencies and the Fusion woofers deliver high-impact yet natural bass. Injection molded, polypropylene woofers are infused with a proprietary polymer blend for the added strength needed to maintain its shape during the deep bass passages. These cones are mated to rubber composite suspensions to allow a very smooth, linear motion for improved transparency and practically non-existent distortion. This incredibly slim driver sits in an injected copolymer basket that is impervious to the ringing associated with metal baskets.  


Uniform Crossover Topology
The crossover is the first stop of the incoming signal and plays as vital a role to the performance as the drivers and cabinet. The Sculptura series uses the same high quality capacitors, resistors and other crossover components in all models. This guarantees not only wonderful performance but that the overall sonic characteristics such as timbre and tone are maintained throughout the line, allowing you to mix and match them however you like and get perfectly balanced, impressive sounding systems.


MDF Cabinet Construction
Medium Density Fiberboard is a solid and inert material that is substantially sonically superior to other materials typically used in a slim system such as plastic or aluminum. The ultra slim Fusion woofers allowed us to use this preferred cabinet material and when combined with strategically placed damping material, effectively controls cabinet wall vibration and standing waves. This results in open midrange clarity, detailed vocals and a deeper bass response.

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