SoundTube Entertainment 2 x 20W Stereo Amplifier


  • 11900
  • Save $11400


The SA202 and SA202-RDT are 20-watt per channel (4 Ω) Class AB amplifiers with maximum gain of 35 dB. Input options include dual RCA jacks and a stereo mini jack for line-level audio sources and a speaker-level (amplified) input for applications with low-wattage speaker outputs (e.g., A/V projector to external speakers). A 15 V power supply is included with the SA202-RDT. Mounting hardware is included and adapts to pole, surface or security attachment installations.


• 35 dB maximum gain with 2 x 20 watt output

• Dual RCA, stereo mini jack and high-level inputs

• High pass filter at 120 Hz (12 dB per octave) to reduce bass distortion in smaller speakers

• Aluminum housing with integrated heat sink

• Power inputs include either three-pin Euroblock or barrel connector

• 12 V trigger for automatic on/off functions when source power is detected

• Included accessory: universal pole- and surfacemount adapter

• Included SA202-RDT accessories: universal poleand surface-mount adapter, 15 V power supply.

• Optional accessory for SA202: 15 V, 3-amp power supply (PS1530-RDT).

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