Martin Architectural 90545166-Outdoor wash light Cold White  US

Martin Architectural 90545166-Outdoor wash light Cold White  US


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Great for applications requiring just one color, the Exterior 430 TM offers very bright Red, Green, Blue, Warm White or Cold White options. The Exterior 430 also uses a unique color calibration system in its Red, Green and Blue units to ensure uniformity across fixtures and over time, plus the added ability to adjust colors to precisely match the look needed in your lighting design. Color fades within a narrow range, such as magenta - blue - turquoise, are also possible.

The Exterior 400 TM Range The outdoor installation market now has the best combination of powerful, compact and energy-efficient LED light fixtures. No matter the application - long or short throw, cold or warm white, dynamic or static color - the Exterior 400 Range does it all. · Extremely bright single color (up to 7000 lm) · Calibrated Red, Green or Blue ensuring color consistency · Adjustable color within Red, Green or Blue color ranges · Very low power consumption (max 139 W) · Choice of beam angles - 7.5°, 16°, 33°, 52° · Internal power and control · Super rugged IP65 housing · Choice of white, black or aluminum housing · 0 100% intensity control


Length: 169 mm (6.7 in.) including cable gland Width: 307 mm (12.1 in.) Height: 401 mm (15.8 in.) Weight: 7.6 kg (16.8 lbs.) including bracket

Dynamic Effects

All Exterior 430 luminaires Single color or white: 0 - 100% continuous dimming Red, green and blue luminaires Single color: Color fine tuning available

Control and Programming

Control options: DMX, stand-alone, synchronized (master/slave) DMX channels: 1 (white luminaires) or 1-4 depending on mode (red, green and blue luminaires) DMX address setting: PC with Martin MUM TM software and DABS1 TM hardware interface Stand-alone trigger options: Internal timer and/or ambient light level Stand-alone and master/slave programming: PC with Martin MUM TM software and DABS1 TM hardware interface 26-bit control (internal): Single color intensity Protocol: USITT DMX512-A Receiver: RS-485 Firmware update: Serial upload via DMX link


Light source: Cree XP-E high power emitters Color temperature: 2700 K (Warm white luminaires), 6500 K (Cold white luminaires) Minimum LED lifetime: 50 000 hours (to >70% luminous output)*


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