Awox Bluetooth LED light bulb with built-in 10W speaker

Awox Bluetooth LED light bulb with built-in 10W speaker


  • 1999
  • Save $10000

  • Simple to use, with crisp and clear sound anywhere you can plug in a medium base e26 light socket. Plays audio from BT music players. Infrared remote control bulb: led 8w, 110-240v, fits med base speaker: 10w, 200hz-20khz
  • Light-Chip led: 35~36pcs (maximum 6.7w)-color Temp: warm white 3000k-light power: 475 lm in vertical; 8w led in vertical; 40w incandescent-led beam angle: 120 degrees-power on led-lighting on/off via remote control
  • Socket-E26 socket fits medium basePOWER SUPPLY-EU version : bulb led 110-240v-us version: bulb led 100-240v-power consumption: 21w maximum
  • Audio output-amp class d-10w mono, 10-percent THDSPEAKER-Size: 2-inch , 8ohm-range: 200hz, 20000hz
  • Volume control-via mobile phone Bluetooth player-via remote control

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