One For All URC Essential Series Programmable TV Remote Control

One For All URC Essential Series Programmable TV Remote Control


  • 800
  • Save $1199

Main Features

  • Ideal replacement for your TV remote
  • Easy Setup
  • Learning feature
  • 3 app shortcut keys

The essential replacement for your TV remote

This easy to set up remote offers full control of your Television just like your original remote.

Seamless control of your TV

The Essential TV remote is the ideal TV replacement remote; it operates all brands of TVs. Just follow 3 simple steps the remote will be ready to use within minutes!

No need to switch between remotes

Control the volume (and mute) of your Sound bar/Audio Receiver thanks to the new Audio Feature. Set up the remote to control your TV and Sound bar/ Audio device as if they were one!

Three apps shortcut keys

The LG TV Replacement Remote features 3 handy shortcut keys to your favorite streaming services, you will be just one key press away from Amazon Prime, YouTube, Netflix or any other online streaming app.

Learning feature

The learning feature ensures you can easily add any function from your original remotes, giving you every key you need!

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