ONE FOR ALL URC3660 Universal Essential Remote Control Up to 6 devices

ONE FOR ALL URC3660 Universal Essential Remote Control Up to 6 devices


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Universal 6-Device Remote Control

No more juggling a bunch of remotes. With support for up to six devices including TV, Set-top Box, Streamer, DVD, Blu-ray and Audio, this remote streamlines the control of your home theater system. SimpleSet provides quick configuration with today’s top television brands, while the learning capability ensures backwards compatibility. It also offers single button shortcuts to streaming services and full control of Smart TV menus, as well as activity-based programs for TV, Music and Movies. The keypad is backlit for easy navigation in dimly lit or dark rooms.

The essential replacement for your remotes

Control your TV, Set Top Box, Blu-ray/ DVD player, Streaming and Soundbar / Audio devices with this fully backlit remote.

Seamless control of up to 6 devices

The Essential 6 is the perfect solution to combine six remotes into one. Just follow 3 simple steps

3 Smart activities

The Watch TV, Watch Movie  and Listen to Music activity keys offer seamless control of your devices without changing between device types

 No need to switch between remotes

Control the volume (and mute) of your Sound bar/Audio Receiver thanks to the new Audio Feature. Set up the remote to control your TV and Sound bar/ Audio device as if they were one!  

Learning feature

The learning feature ensures you can easily add any function from your original remotes, giving you every key you need!

Three apps shortcut keys

The Essential 6 remote features 3 handy shortcut keys to your favourite streaming services, you will be just one key press away from Amazon Prime, YouTube, Netflix or any other online streaming app.

Favourite Channel feature

Zap between your favourite groups of channels with a single key.

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