One For All Smart 8-Device Universal Remote Control (URC7880)


  • 2400
  • Save $3599

Finally, a universal solution to all of your home entertainment devices: the One For All Smart eight-device universal remote control. Forget about searching for the remotes for every one of your media devices. Now, you can control up to eight seamlessly with one simple remote control.

  • Control up to 8 devices with one universal remote, including your TV, DVD/Blu-ray player, audio device, soundbar, (IR) game console, and other media players
  • Convenient app triggers a sound to help you find your remote, so you never lose a remote again
  • 5 smart activities (watch TV, watch movie, listen to music, play game, and custom) offer easy, seamless control of all your devices with having to switch between devices
  • 3 apps shortcut keys take you straight to your favourite steaming service apps with just the press of a button
  • Easy setup--the free app guides you through the steps to up your universal remote in just minutes

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