Hall Research EXHD-RG6

Hall Research EXHD-RG6


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Extend HDMI signal to 230 ft. or longer The Hall Research EXHD-RG6 is an HDMI-over-Coax extender that can extend HDMI signal to 230 ft. or longer. Maximum cable length depends on signal resolution and quality of RG-6U cable used. It extends video with no compression for a perfect reproduction at the receiver. The kit includes a Sender (EXHD-RG6-S) and a corresponding Receiver (EXHD-RG6-R). The sender has an HDMI input connector and provides two BNC outputs for connection to one or two RG-6U coaxial cables. Supports HDCP and provides HDCP content protected output The receiver has a BNC input for connection to the sender and provides an HDMI output. Additionally, a buffered coax output is also provided that can be used to daisy chain to another receiver if required. The extender supports HDCP and provides HDCP content protected output. Standard TV and HDTV resolutions are supported including 486i/576i, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p.
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