JBL GT7-4 2-way coaxial car speakers (PAIR)


  • 7999
  • Save $2000

These GT7-4 speakers from JBL have everything you want when shopping for a car speaker: an advanced design, quality materials, a cool look, and a practical price tag. But in the end, it's what they sound like that matters most, and true to their iconic heritage, these JBLs deliver.

In spite of their size, these 4" speakers always kick out plentiful midbass, thanks to their patented Plus One™ architecture which expands the surface area of the polypropylene woofer cone. Balanced dome tweeters handle the high notes with ease, especially when powered by an aftermarket radio or amp. JBL built these GT7 speakers to handle up to 30 watts RMS, but with a design geared toward maximum efficiency, you'll gain superior performance even from a factory radio. Grilles are included for a custom installation.

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