Near VM1W 4.5" 2-way weatherproof Speaker (SINGLE)

Near VM1W 4.5" 2-way weatherproof Speaker (SINGLE)


  • 12999
  • Save $37000

The NEAR® VM1 all-environment loudspeaker is elegantly designed, rugged to the extreme and a snap to install. It employs a ball and socket "signature" mounting system combined with a pre-terminated totally waterproof "Perfect Fit" input connector. This mounting system minimizes installation effort and reduces “ladder time” to improve installation efficiency and safety. The VM1 utilizes a 4.5-inch MDT/MLS woofer with a 1-inch titanium-alloy inverted dome tweeter for perfectly life-like sound dispersed evenly over a wide area.

Like other NEAR speakers, the VM1 is truly weather-proof, not just “weather-resistant” and can be used totally exposed to the elements. It is available in white and black and can be painted to match the surroundings. The color-matched grilles are oxidation-resistant heavy gauge powder coated aluminum with rectangular perforations that inhibit water from clogging the holes and blocking high frequencies. The bass port is protected from moisture, debris and critter ingress with a special hydrophobic fabric.  

Best of all is the sound quality. The VM1's wide dispersion design and high tech components ensure that everyone on the deck or patio hears well-balanced, lifelike sound at every volume level without fatigue.

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