P.Audio 8" 2-way Speaker System 90x65 8 Ohms 100 watts RMS


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The P.Audio XT-8 is a compact professional sound reinforcement system designed for foreground/background applications. The XT-8 is ideal for fixed installation applications such as restaurants, bars, retail outlets and general purpose indoor public address and full range music systems. The design of the XT-8 features a wide bandwidth 8 inch (203mm) low frequency device and a true compression driver coupled to an elliptical wave guide for controlled high frequency dispersion. The rated included angles are 90 degrees by 65 degrees.

The XT-8 is a full range design that employs a high order passive crossover that provides excellent summing and balance for the individual transducer components. The XT-8 features linear amplitude response, very defined intelligibility and superior reliability. The power handling is rated at 200 watts continuous with a peak input power capability of 800 watts. Maximum peak SPL is 122dB. System impedance is rated at 8 ohms.

The enclosure is constructed with high quality plywood and finished in a very durable polyurea coating. The system includes a top hat style stand adaptor and an optional U bracket to allow flexible mounting. The XT-8 is a very high performance design that features simple mounting for use in a variety of indoor applications.


  • 800 Watts Peak Power Handling
  • High Sesitivity
  • 90 X 65 Acoustic Dispersion / Elliptic Wave Guide
  • Very High Intelligibility


  • External "U" Bracket
  • Standard 35mm Pole mount to combine with subwoofer


  • Very Compact Sound Reinforcement
  • Fixed Install
  • Portable Public Address

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