Peerless-AV Modular Series Floor-to-Ceiling Kit


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The black Modular Series Floor-to-Ceiling Kit from Peerless Industries comes with all the components required to mount a 32 to 60" flat panel display between the floor and ceiling. It includes 2 Heavy-Duty MOD-CPF Flat Square Ceiling Plates, an MOD-P300-B 9'.8" (3m) Extension Pole, MOD-FPMS Single Display Flat Panel Mount, MOD-ASC Screen Stacking Clamp, and MOD-UNL Large Universal Adapter. Designed for installation around a 2" (50mm) diameter pole, the kit is well-suited for new projects as well as for upgrading existing installations.    

The Flat Square Ceiling Plates help in direct mounting to concrete and wood joists. The MOD-P300 9.8’ Extension Pole is used with the Peerless-AV Modular Series mounts and can be cut to the desired length. The MOD-UNL Large Universal Adapter serves as an adapter plate for 32 to 60" displays with VESA mounting patterns up to 700 x 400mm. The MOD-FPMS Single Display Flat Panel Mount allows the addition of a single screen mounting adapter, with the quick connect feature delivering -5 to +20° tilt and an incremental lock at every 5° interval. The MOD-ASC Screen Stacking Clamp serves as solution for stacking signal or dual displays on a single pole.

The kit enables easy, single display installation between the floor and ceiling measuring up to 9.8’ (3m) in height. Being a part of the Modular series, the system can be expanded with additional Modular series accessories (sold separately) to accommodate virtually any configuration to achieve the desired custom mounting solution.

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