Protechtor Cases Extra Long Drum Rack CS-EBONY No Logo

Protechtor Cases Extra Long Drum Rack CS-EBONY No Logo


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Drum Rack Case - 52"X18"X10"

•  Recognized as the Industry Standard Rotationally Molded Drum Cases
•  Provides strength, durability, and simplicity for almost any drum size
•  The Rotational Molding Process Gives Added Strength and Durability to Case Corners and Provides Water Resistance that Non-Roto Molded Cases Can't Match
•  Custom depths and colors are available
•  Comes with a limited, lifetime warranty against cracking
•  The unique I-shaped design holds the rack base in place and accommodates racks up to 52" with typical clamps and accessories
•  Includes tow handle and 2 wheels at opposite end

Interior Dimensions
Interior Length: 50.00 "
Interior Width: 18.00 "
Interior Height: 10.00 "

Exterior Dimensions
Exterior Length: 51.00 "
Exterior Width: 22.00 "
Exterior Height: 12.00 "
Exterior Weight: 28.00 Pounds

Shipping Dimensions
Exterior Length: 54.00 "
Exterior Width: 25.00 "
Exterior Height: 17.00 "
Exterior Weight: 30.00 Pounds

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