RDL FP-NML2 Network to Mic/Line Interface

RDL FP-NML2 Network to Mic/Line Interface


  • 19900
  • Save $82000

Adapts Standard Audio Amplifiers to a Dante Network Converts Two Dante Network Audio Signals to Professional Line Level Each Output is Switch-Selectable for Mic or Line Level 18 dB Headroom Exceptional Low-Noise and Low-Distortion Performance Crosstalk is Below the Noise Floor 24 Vdc Pass-Through Jack for Power Supply Sharing with RDL Amplifiers (FP-NML2) High Resolution 24 Bit Digital to Analog Conversion Legendary RDL Analog Filtering Enhances Superb Audio Performance Outputs Mute when Digital Audio Inputs are Inactive Normal or Hot-Standby Operation from PoE (Model FP-NML2P) Equipped for Rack Mounting or Surface Mounting The FP-NML2 modules are Dante audio network interface products compatible with mic-level or line-level audio equipment inputs. These modules are designed to be mounted in equipment racks, closets, conference tables and on shelves or backboards in commercial/industrial installations

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