RDL RU-LB2P Line-Level Bi-Directional Network Interface

RDL RU-LB2P Line-Level Bi-Directional Network Interface


  • 39000
  • Save $85900

The RU-LB2 is a high quality line-level bi-directional Dante network interface. The RU-LB2 converts two line-level audio sources to Dante network channels, and two Dante network audio signals to balanced line level.

The line level inputs accept unbalanced or balanced signals. Line-level outputs are balanced. The front panel features signal LEDs that indicate audio presence for each of the received network signal channels and a gain trimmer with an associated Dual-LED VU meter for each audio input.

Balanced +4 dBu audio levels correspond to a network digital audio level of -18 dBFS. The noise floor is better than 80 dB below operating level

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