Rolls Corporation Podcast Pro Mic/Source Mixer Passive


  • 8125
  • Save $8775

Rolls' Podcast Pro Microphone/Source Passive Mixer is designed to mix a microphone with either RCA or 3.5mm source signals to a single XLR output at microphone level. This mixer consists of two balanced XLR jacks, one female input and one male output. It also has RCA input jacks and a 3.5mm input jack. A level knob for the attenuation of the source inputs of the unit (RCA and 3.5mm only). It has switches for allowing the input signals to pass through to the output of the unit and a ground lift switch for grounding the input and outputs sections together to help eliminate ground hum issues.

  • Mixes one XLR microphone and a source signal to a single XLR microphone level output
  • Passive unit does not require a power source so it can be used anywhere
  • Switchable mixing for quick operation
  • Single source level control for proper attenuation of the source inputs

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