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The first shell kit from SAKAE OSAKA HERITAGE, Evolved, builds on everything that was great about the legendary Sakae Almighty drum kit recognized internationally as one of the best drum kits ever produced.

Tsuji Producer of SAKAE, says “We accomplished The Almighty during some difficult days for Sakae, and despite this we humbly believe it is an excellent product. We know many people think of this kit when they hear the name of SAKAE Drums and they respect it very much. So, for Evolved, we knew we had to surpass that already great product and make it uniquely brilliant at the same time.”

Like The Almighty, the new Evolved kit is made of specially sourced high-quality Maple wood emphasizing a perfectly balanced sound and rich harmonics, while taking the drive for perfection to new heights by fine tuning the number of plies (thickness of the wood) as well as enhancing many other elements, all combining to further refine the sound. Only a few hundred Evolved kits will be produced each year to ensure Sake delivers one of the highest quality, best sounding drum kits ever developed.

The long-awaited Shell kit from SAKAE OSAKA HERITAGE is finally here. Taking inspiration from the heritage and concept of the esteemed Sakae “Almighty” drum kit admired by drummers around the world, Evolved, as its name suggests, marks the start of a new era in drums.


Superior sound creation is at the heart of development for all SAKAE instruments, and this is especially clear with the Evolved shell kit. Superior sound creation drives each and every design decision in order to achieve the best conceivable result – and unmatched sonic palette.

The Evolved kit uses specially selected superior maple wood that provides a perfectly balanced sound, rich with musical all harmonics.

For example, in order to achieve the perfect sound for the shells, hundreds of variations with different combinations of thickness, depth, materials and shapes have been meticulously tested and evaluated in order to obtain a finesse and attention to sonic detail that only comes from a deep knowledge of the instruments, long years of experience and outstanding craftsmanship.


Evolved builds upon the ingredients of the respected “Almighty” legacy and then refined the details even further. The number of plies, thickness of the wood, the exterior design and more allows Evolved to deliver the best sounding SAKAE kit to date.

The SAKAE OSAKA HERITAGE’s engineers stay very close to leading drummers worldwide. Trial, feedback and improvement are the three pillars on which the SAKAE product creation process depends. A continuous process of integrating artist suggestions and requests is a critical part of the development process.

Not only that, this thorough road testing process allows us to listen to the product being used in different environments and situations allowing SAKAE’s engineers to evaluate important factors that are many times overlooked, such as the integration of the sound in an ensemble situation and its balance with other instruments, sound projection, overtones filtering – even transmission of vibrations, all combined for precise and sublime tone sculpting.


Sakae artisans producing their craft at this level are key to the incredible quality which Evolved delivers. Sakae will never compromise on quality by sacrificing standards to increase production quantities. Only a few hundred Evolved kits will be produced each year in order to ensure that each and every kit is of the highest quality.


Every part of the Evolved kit has been meticulously designed with a very particular vision and sound in mind, every detail is judged carefully to achieve the best possible result.


  • Kick (7ply 7.2mm) … Reduced total thickness while adding plies for higher sound pressure.
  • Floor Tom (7ply 6.4mm) … Increased thickness for a fat bass
  • Toms (6ply 5.6mm) … Somewhat thinner for a clearer sound
  • Lugs (Kick / Toms / Floor Tom)
  • Use of heavy lugs that allow more vibrations (sound) to be transmitted
  • Kick Drum Spurs
  • The use high-quality spacers for the base of the kick drum spur prevents the transmission of any vibrations from the floor to the kick drum. This allows for a stable low-end frequency on any kind of floor environment.
  • Tom Rod Holders / Floor Tom Leg Mounts
  • A specially developed “Cradle Mounting System” has been designed so that holders are equipped with metal bridges from the lug at the bottom. This system delivers amazing sounding shells by preventing any vibration going to be mounts. In addition, more drivers achieved by supporting overall weight near the bottom of the shell.


  • EMF1614WIN x 1 (16x14 Floor Tom)
  • EMK2218MWIN x 1 (22x18 Bass Drum)
  • EMT1007WIN x 1 (10x7 Tom)
  • EMT1207WIN x 1 (12x7 Tom)
  • WLC102 x 2 (Tom Clamp/Arm)
  • WTH102 x 1 (Tom Holder)

**"Snare, Hardware, & Cymbals Not Included."

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