SiriusXM Lynx Satellite Radio + Vehicle Kit with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth SXI1TK1C


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Listen in more places, to more channels, for more freedom and more control than ever before. Lynx is the ultimate radio for the ultimate listening experience, whenever you want it. The SiriusXM Lynx supports SiriusXM Internet Radio and or all programming packages currently available on the XM network, including “XM Premier (The Best of SIRIUS)” package.

LV1 Vehicle Kit The LV1 Vehicle Kit has everything you need to listen to your Lynx Radio through your vehicles stereo. Included with the Vehicle Kit are: • Lynx PowerConnect™ Vehicle Dock • Magnetic Mount Antenna • Dash and Vent Mounting Accessories • PowerConnect Power Adapter • AUX IN Cable • Remote Control

The Vehicle Kit adds these additional features: • Listen to live Satellite Radio using your Lynx Radio directly through your vehicle’s stereo system. • Browse and quickly tune to channels with the Rotary Knob. • Connect your Lynx Radio to your vehicle’s radio with revolutionary SiriusXM PowerConnect technology, with easy, do-it-yourself installation. • Change channels easily with the included Remote Control. • Connect to your car stereo using AUX IN, Bluetooth Stereo Streaming or PowerConnect FM Transmitter. • Charge your Lynx Radio while you listen in your vehicle.

Lynx Key Features:
  • Listen to SiriusXM Internet Radio anywhere there's Wi-Fi® Or enjoy the coast to coast coverage of Satellite Radio using home and vehicle docking kits
  • Pause, rewind and replay live SiriusXM Satellite & Internet Radio, using the Replay feature
  • Automatically start songs on your favorite channels, from the beginning, with Tune Start™
  • Find out about every show being broadcast up to 7 days in advance with the SiriusXM Show Finder™
  • Store up to 25 of your favorite channels for easy, one-touch tuning
  • Stream to your Bluetooth® stereo speakers, headphones, vehicle stereo or the LH1 Car Kit
  • Easily access every powerful, flexible feature using the high-definition, touch-screen display
  • Use the Spectrum Tuning mode to quickly tune to any channel
  • Use Channel List Tuning mode to select a channel by number, name or category in an easy-to-view list
  • Custom sort and filter options allow you to customize your channel tuning experience
  • Use the Direct Tune keypad to enter a channel number and tune immediately to your desired channel
  • Bring your personal music library with you – Lynx is microSDHC® ready
  • Easily lock and unlock channels with mature content
  • Learn about all the key functions of the application with the Built-in Application Tour
  • Share your SiriusXM entertainment with others using the built-in speaker
  • Enjoy hours of your favorite entertainment on a single battery charge
  • Include Wi-Fi® Enabled Portable Kit

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