Solid Drive (SoundTube) 2 x 50W Amplifier with built in EQ

Solid Drive (SoundTube) 2 x 50W Amplifier with built in EQ


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The Solid Drive SD-250 Mini Amplifier from Solid Drive is a 50W per channel (8 ohm) Class D amplifier with maximum gain of 34 dB. Input options include balanced stereo Euroblock, unbalanced line level mini jack, and a stereo speaker level (amplified) Euroblock input for applications with low wattage speaker outputs. The SD-250 has three operating modes: stereo, dual mono, or bridged mono. In stereo, each input channel flows directly to its corresponding output channel. The amplifier has three preset EQ settings for use with a SolidDrive speaker in drywall, glass and wood. It also has a flat setting for unequalized full-range amplification. In dual mono, the left input is fed to both output channels. In bridged mono, the left input is fed to the bridged output (4-8 ohms only). This system includes selectable 12 - 32V external trigger input or auto standby to conserve energy.

34 dB maximum gain with 2 x 50W output
Three operating modes: stereo, mono or bridged mono
Three SolidDrive EQ settings for drywall, wood and glass, plus a full-range flat option (no EQ)
Three user selectable inputs: balanced stereo Euroblock, stereo unbalanced mini jack, or high level Euroblock
External 12 - 32V trigger
Signal detecting auto standby to conserve energy
Dual concentric gain controls for independent channel control
Rugged aluminum housing
Suitable for digital signage, education, point of purchase, museums, surgical centers, AV carts or any application where a small amplifier is needed to boost a limited source output

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