Soundcast Wireless Universal Audio Transmitter 2.4Ghz

Soundcast Wireless Universal Audio Transmitter 2.4Ghz


  • 7999
  • Save $24000

Soundcast UAT Universal Audio Transmitter. Long, range wireless transmission from RCA, usb or 3.5 mm to OutCast speakers.
From the Manufacturer:
Achieve 300 feet of wireless audio transmission from your computer or home entertainment system.
  • Long-range, CD quality interference-free wireless transmission to OutCast speakers.
  • Plug and Play—Requires no drivers or software to install.
  • Compatible with Mac and PC computers, televisions, cable boxes, and DVD players
Turn Your Computer into a Wireless Music Server
Imagine, UAT as the invisible wire that connects your computer to any Soundcast speaker system or receiver allowing you to enjoy your personal music indoors and outdoors. UAT also transmits signals to your rear surround speakers for true home theater without wires. 
You’ll be quite surprised by its magical performance as it transmits interference free 2.4 GHz signals long-range* through walls, floors, doors and ceilings.
UAT works with all the major media players including iTunes, RealPlayer, MusicMatch,
Windows and internet radio stations.
It’s magic, it’s UAT.

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