Soundstage STAGE3D5 200W Tower Speaker (SINGLE) 3x5"


  • 15999
  • Save $9000

Soundstage Tower Speaker (ONE Speaker) 3x5"  3D series  MODEL#: STAGE3D5

The revolutionary new Stage 3D series makes movies and music sound big, lifelike, and exciting, like they're being performed on a (Sound)stage right before you.

The pinnacle of Soundstage technology is on display in the flagship Stage3D5. It’s equipped with Soundstage’s revolutionary 3DX technology that makes it capable of adapting its sound to any personal taste or surround sound effect available today. You see the world in 3D. You should hear it that way, too.

2D Speaker Effect
Regular stereo speakers create sound that is confined two dimensionally in width and depth.

3D Speaker Effect
Soundstage's 3D sound technology makes movies and music sound big and exciting, like they're being performed on a stage right before you.


Width: 7.00 inches
Height: 39.25 inches
Depth: 8.50 inches
Weight: 26.50 pounds

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