SoundTube Entertainment 12" Pendant Spkr High SPL Compression Driver - Black


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The HPI290i is a 12", coaxial. two-way, hanging speaker with a surface-mount option and a proprietary BroadBeamHP waveguide. Engineered to deliver true high-SPL performance, the HP1290i incorporates a 12" treated fiber cone and one coaxially-mounted 35mm (1.375") mylar compression driver. The result is a pendant-mount speaker with maximum efficiency (96 dB 1 W/1m) and an extended frequency response from 59 Hz - 22 kHz (.10 dB). For lasting performance and maximum rigidity the enclosure is made from injection-melded glass-filled ABS.

UL 2239 rated mounting hardware is included and features hanging and safety cables, Euroblock connector and terminal weather boot. For easy ordering, stocking and installation, every speaker is equipped with a five- position tap switch for 25-, 70.7- and 100-volt applications with transformer bypass position. For surface-mount applications, SoundTube offers an optional surface mount adaptor (AC-RS-SM1290).


SoundTube HP1290I FeaturesHP1290I-BK

  • Patented BroadBeamHP waveguide technology delivers a consistent dispersioHP1290I-BKn pattern (2 to 10 kl-Ii, independently verified) for maximum coverage area per speaker
  • One 12" (305mm) treated fiber cone with a cloth surround concentrically mounted to a 1.375" (35mm) mylar compression driver with waveguide
  • Weatherized components for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • High-SPL, high-efficiency system for the sound reinforcement and PA markets
  • An impressive 2 cubic foot, ported Zero Ref lection enclosure for added bass response, rigidity and optimal sound reproduction
  • Easy-access live-position tap switch with 25/70.7/100V and transformer bypass position
  • High efficiency (96 dB sensitivity) for reduced amplification costs and max output (118 dB SPL) for distributed or 8 ohm systems
  • Low insertion loss 150W transformer
  • High quality black painted finish

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