SoundTube Entertainment 3" Surface Mount Spkr 70V Black

SoundTube Entertainment 3" Surface Mount Spkr 70V Black


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The SM31-EZ(-T) is a premium full-range 3” surfacemount speaker, with overall dimensions smaller than a 4” sphere. The SM31-EZ(-T) incorporates a proprietary attachment with indexed swivel-joint for complete hemispherical aiming. Components have been weatherized for indoor/outdoor applications. The SM31-EZ is an 8 Ω speaker without transformer. The SM31-EZ-T is shipped with the AC-SM31-XFMR transformer module to add a 20 W transformer and 5-position tap switch that mounts into a single gang deep junction box.


• Two models are available, the SM31-EZ and the SM31-EZ-T. The latter includes a 10 W transformer.

• One 3” (76.1 mm) polypropylene driver with butyl rubber surround.

• Weatherized components for indoor/outdoor applications.

• Theft and corrosion-resistant mounting mechanism with an indexed swivel-joint for precision aiming in any direction.

• Ultra low-profile ZeroReflection™ ABS enclosure (4” diameter by 3.5” deep, including mounting plate).

• Five-position selectable tap switch (SM31-EZ-T only).

• Corrosion-resistant, powder-coated aluminum grille.

• UL 1480A approved.

• IP65 Rated.

• High quality black or white paint finish.

• Optional accessories: the SM31-EZ-T includes a 10 W transformer (AC-SM31-XFMR) that incorporates a 5-position tap switch and a wall plate for installation in a single-gang deep junction box. This transformer kit is also available as an optional accessory.

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