UHBX-S - HDMI Video Extender with Bidirectional IR, and RS232

UHBX-S - HDMI Video Extender with Bidirectional IR, and RS232


  • 13000
  • Save $31200

The UHBX-S sends uncompressed HDMI, bidirectional IR and full-duplex RS232 up to 150 meters (500 feet) using a single Cat6 cable.

The extender supports all HDMI or single-link DVI video signals of virtually any resolution. PC resolutions are supported upto 1920x1200 and HDTV resolutions of UHD (4Kx2K) are supported.

Two user selectable distance modes are available: "Standard" and "Long Reach". These modes are explained further in section 4.4 of the users manual.

The extenders comply with HDBaseT™ specifications and are compatible with all other certified HDBaseT™ gear. For example, the UHBX-S transmitter can be plugged into any projector or display with compatible input such as Panasonic's DIGITAL LINK, Epson's PowerLite Pro series and others.

Full-duplex RS-232 extension is provided that can operate at any baud rate to 115,200 bps. The extender can also extend IR from one end to the other. IR Detector and IR Emitter cables are sold separately. The IR extension preserves the modulation (carrier) frequency and provides compatibility to all standards. It supports modulation range from 30 KHz to 60 KHz.

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